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Allo allo.

Nothing big to report. And it's getting late, anyway xD

Just wanted to pop in to say Merry Christmas!
Grelly and Will! =D

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So I'm going to NYC tomorrow. I'm pretty excited since the last time I was up in NYC during Christmas time was when I went to see Tim Burton speak four years ago xD And I did get to visit last summer for my friend's b-day =3 That was nice. But still.... There's just something about the city in December!!

..... Is it bad that my main goal for tomorrow is to get a cutie boy in Kinokuniya to smile at me? .... I'll only be raiding the shelves for LookatStar mags.. =x and maybe look for some cute pens and stuff. ...... OKAY I LIED. IT'S ALL ABOUT BOY HUNTING! WHEEE!!!!~

.... don't judge me u_u;

Oh. And.... I'm officially back in college because I suddenly owe more money than I'm probably worth xD Yay. My goal is clear this time, at least. I just need to find somebody to talk to who can actually point me in the right direction.

Also I need to stop spending money on clothes... hmmm....

Oh wellz ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Anyway, I must be going! Busy busy busy!

Grelly lieks...

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Hello hello! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

It was such a long day at work today, but it wasn't so bad. It's odd that I can have fun with this job! Compared to my other (well... more like "part time" now.. haha) job... it's just.... idk... there are no words x_x It's just that much better.

Doesn't mean I want to do it for the rest of my life xD I'm well aware.

But for now, it'll do.

I'll just sit here in my penguin hat with my HOLY FUCKING ADORABLE Tails plushie...

.... Haha xD Anyway...

So I have the day off tomorrow!

Looking forward to it just because I've been working so much.
But at the same time, I don't have anything planned.


Aside from cleaning.


The goal is actually to get my stuff cleaned out enough so that.. well... I can move at a moment's notice.

Does that mean I plan on moving out?

Not exactly.

The goal first, before moving out, is to go back to school. It's a work in progress seeing as I'm still paying off my OTHER school loans, and will definitely be doing so for a long time. I'm also trying to save up money to repair my car. So living at home makes things easier. I'm okay with that.

Once I get in, I know what to aim for. But as for how long it will take is another story. I know my HACC credits will transfer. But my AI credits probably won't. So They'll probably throw me into sophomore year rather than junior year x_x

I guess it doesn't matter.. since I don't even know if I'll be a full time or part time student. I still have to work full time on top of it all. So again, I'll just have to see. But I know what I'm headed for this time. A clearer goal in mind (with some hopeful desires on the side, of course).

Anyway, so with all of this in mind, I just feel that also having a clean and CLEARED OUT room will make my entire life easier. I don't know why.... It just.. does x_x

...... SO YEAH =D I'll spend my day off cleaning!

Again x3


And I think I'll spend the rest of the evening re-reading more Sonic comics. I've gotten into the 1997 books Dx This was when everything got awkward. .... the first time around. I don't think they came out of it until late 1998. Eh... Don't remember it.

.... Oh and my bbs had their first performance in Seoul earlier today x3 Can't wait to read about it! I'm sure Sekido will have plenty to say xD Hahaha~

Okay, well I'm gonna jet.

Ciao! (^_^)v

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Hello again, LJ xD Long time no see, as usual.

Updates since last time!

Store opened well. Has been doing well since. I'm just very busy, that's all xD I've had plenty of overtime to keep me occupied ^^; I haven't studied properly in about a month x_x Not good. Needa figure out a good schedule for myself.

Never got to go to the RenFaire. IT GOT SNOWED OUT!!!
Damn random October snow xD

Halloween was fun. Walked around as the Undertaker from Kuroshit.

Got my second green tip in TKD. One more test till I'm a green belt. Fuck yeah.

Submitted my app to the school I'm trying to get into. Also getting transcripts sent in from the other colleges I attended. Whee. Attempting progress. I wonder how far this'll get me xD

Still dancing. Still wanting to perform again. It's difficult now that I'm old and have to work full time and be responsible for other things Dx

Ummm.... so yeah. Since I'm working so hard and don't get to do much else anymore, I bought myself this shirt tonight.

Not cheap at all xD And it won't look that great on me most likely, but hey. Gift to myself for so much hard work u_u

Anyway, I'll be off. I have an early day tomorrow. Peace out!



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Hello, LJ!

Why yes, I do still exist! ... Somehow.... xD;

I've been on Tumblr. That's become the excuse.

Also been busy opening the new store!

... Plus taekwondo... and dance....


Looking forward to Sonic Generations!

Of course I can't afford it right away, but I'll be buying the PC version as soon as I can (^_^)v

Also wanna play the new Professor Layton... and the new Kirby game...

SHUT UP! KIRBY!!!! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I started re-reading the Sonic the Hedgehog comic books from the beginning. I'm gonna see how long it takes me to get through nearly 20 years of comics xD; Damn..... am I that old already? I can remember getting my first issue like it was just yesterday o_o;

Anyway.. Halloween's coming up! I usually make a MUCH bigger deal about it, but I've just been so BUSY this month! Everything snuck up on me and I've had like.. no free time <丶´Д`>

Even if I work on Halloween, I'm usually allowed to dress up..... but not this year. It's supposed to be our opening day x_x I'm nervous... So nervous. Bah!

But I'll get to go to the RenFaire at least ^^ It's a break to do something! Yay!

Okay, well I guess I'll get back to reading now.

Peace out.